The amazing Wadi Hasa

On our last free weekend in Jordan, we decided to go on a hike in one of Jordan’s famous wadis, or valleys. My roommate had recommended Wadi Hasa, a valley that has a natural stream in the middle. As a guide book described it, “It’s like Petra, but with water.” We booked a guide, and after three days of logistics snafus (welcome to Jordan), we finally had a spot on a bus. The hike lasted eight hours, and it turned out to be amazing. We got to climb down miniature waterfalls, jump off huge rocks into clear pools, slide down a natural water slide and, at the end, we found hot springs next to a cold pool. We made tea while sitting in the water and just enjoyed it for a hour. On our way back up to the bus, we were ambushed by a herd of goats that had stopped by the stream for a drink.

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