Goodbye Party

I was dutifully typing away at my computer when all of a sudden, the door burst open and everyone yelled, “Surprise!” Then Yasmine walked in with a luscious-looking cake that was gushing strawberries. I was speechless, which was really bad timing because as I stood up, everyone started chanting, “Speech, speech, speech!” What to say? I had no idea. Fortunately, after I stammered out a few words in Arabic, everyone turned to my boss. He liked the idea of giving a speech even less than I did, but he thanked me for my time at INJAZ, and presented me with a small gift. As I gave my final hugs and exchanged emails with everyone in the office, I felt so sad to be leaving. My time working at INJAZ has been truly amazing. I’ve worked on all types of assignments from the mundane (putting together a huge Excel document of information about INJAZ’ financial partners) and the challenging (designing a plan/budget for INJAZ to run a USAID program and filling out the entire program application) to the crazy (putting together the invitation for Oprah to come speak at an INJAZ event) and the inspirational (writing narrative versions of student success stories). I’ve really liked working in the office, and now I’m sure I want to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector. And maybe, someday I’ll work in Jordan again.

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